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Hacked & Defaced By Anon Hawk

We Are PakCyber Attackers
[#] Dont worry we just upload our deface page ,
never give up and try again to protect your web site [#]

We are a group of young people ,
We are Pakistani Hackers united as one divided by zero,
Heya Kiddies!!You Must Know By Now That There Is a Bigger Enemy
For Your Freedom Of Thought And Expression On The Internet!

Stop Killing Innocent People In Kashmir! And All Over The World
Untill Freedom Of Them We ll Not Stop Fucking Your Sites! !
For All Noobs

Now Think Twice Before Hacking Against Pakistan! Anon Hawk Is Watching You
And Always Ready To Give You A Hardfuck!


Feel The Power Of PAKISTAN

" Stupid Indians Dont Mess with us "

Pakis tanZindabad

Pak Cyber Attackers

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Where is the security ?

Server crashed | LOL !

Pak Cyber Attackers

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